Democrat Stacey Abrams warns about about voter suppression

Democrat Stacey Abrams warns about about voter suppression
Politician and author Stacey Abrams speaks to an audience about voter supresssion on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019, in Atlanta. Abrams spoke during a roundtable summit as one in a series of events leading up athe Democratic debate to be held in Atlanta. Abrams' failed bid for Georgia's governor's seat was highlighted by allegations of voter suppression. (AP Photo/ Ron Harris)

ATLANTA (AP) — As Atlanta prepares to host a Democratic presidential debate, a Democrat who narrowly lost last year’s Georgia governor’s race is warning about voter suppression.

Stacey Abrams addressed a panel discussion Tuesday in one in a series of Democrat-hosted events ahead of the debate.

She said voter suppression can involve whether people can register and remain on the voter rolls, and whether their ballots can be counted.

Abrams also spoke out against what she called restrictive voter ID laws that can exclude many disabled people. She said that hers was “one of the only campaigns that had disability advocates at the tables from the very beginning.”

Democrats have suggested that Abrams lost the close 2018 gubernatorial election because of voter suppression, despite record turnout. Republican officials have denied suppressing votes.

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