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Jason Bible

All things Texas and real estate.

Jason Bible, Mr. Texas Real Estate, and Robert Orfino, Mr. California Investor, share with you their journey in real estate investing and working with buys and sellers of real estate. We will discuss landlord investing, wholesaling, flipping, lending, banking, money and finance. Take the journey through with Jason, Robert, and their guests as they share their no nonsense approach to building wealth with real estate.

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Jason Bible, aka Mr. Texas Real Estate, is a full-time real estate investor who is thriving after a long journey in the field working with buyers and sellers of real estate. He is the managing partner and chief operating officer at His knowledge encompasses landlord investing, wholesaling, flipping, lending, banking, money and finance. In July 2013, Jason started a company that specializes in buying distressed houses directly from home owners. He has bought, sold, renovated, and leased hundreds of properties, raised capital, and borrowed nearly US$10 million in bank and private capital. Further, Jason has been an invited presenter at multiple local and national business and real estate events.

He completed his undergraduate degree in environmental science from Sam Houston State University then worked for the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UT-Health), during which he completed an MBA in finance and an MS in security management. After that, he started as an environmental waste specialist and prior to leaving UT-Health to start his first company, was a risk manager. He lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and two sons, and is a craft-beer enthusiast.


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