Dr. Audrey Baria

Dr. Audrey Baria

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Meet Dr. Audrey Baria
Dr. Audrey Baria has been part of the WellMed family for 5 ½ years and is currently a provider at the WellMed at 9th Avenue North clinic in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her interest in medicine began at a very young age, thanks to her uncle, who was a general practitioner. He would often take her on house calls to see patients that could not visit the clinic. During these house calls, Dr. Baria saw the impact a provider could have on someone's life and knew she wanted to make a similar impact on others.

As she got older, her interest in medicine continued to grow, eventually leading her to Ross University School of Medicine in Portsmouth, Dominica, where she earned her Medical Degree. She completed her residency and an OBGYN fellowships at St. Mary Hospital in Hoboken, New Jersey. Dr. Baria is board certified in family medicine, which she loves.

Training as a family medicine practitioner, Dr. Baria got the opportunity to work with patients in all stages of life. However, one area of family medicine quickly rose above the rest, -- geriatric care. For Dr. Baria, geriatric care allows her to make the most significant impact on patient lives. As we age, it can be easy to overlook your own self-care. Dr. Baria takes pride in showing her patients that someone cares for them and their health, which helps motivate them to care too.

While caring for patients at WellMed, Dr. Baria has achieved her goal of changing her patients’ lives for the better by promoting the important practice of seeking preventive care and implementing an all-things-in-moderation lifestyle, two things that are very important to overall health and well-being. She is thrilled to serve her patients daily and describes her work as humbling, fulfilling and gratifying. When she is not caring for her patients, she enjoys spending time with family, traveling and photography. Dr. Baria lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband, to whom she has been married for 22 years, their teenage daughter and their beloved dogs.


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