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Mike Gallagher with Mike Gallagher

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Miles Taylor revealed himself to be the author of the infamous “anonymous” New York Times op-ed slamming the President. He is a former Department of Homeland Security staffer campaigning against Trump’s re-election. Plus, Trump rails against Twitter as the Big Tech executives testified on Capitol Hill.

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Lifestyles Unlimited with Del Walmsley

Since 1990, Lifestyles Unlimited has been teaching our students how to use real estate to build wealth and passive income streams. Our students have won city, state and national awards as real estate investors of the year 8 of the last 8 years.

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Dennis Prager with Dennis Prager

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If you love this country (it’s exceptional), who will you vote for? If you think this country needs to be transformed (it’s a hell hole), who will you vote for? If Adam Schiff says something is true, does that mean the opposite is likely to be true? Plus, does every college need a committee to […]

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