Gender confusion's devastating impact

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Dennis Prager with Dennis Prager

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Is there only one NBA player willing to speak truth to China and Nike? Can we solve all our debt problems by just taxing the super rich? Do we need to vax five year olds? Plus, is atheism dead? And, the Ultimate Issues Hour.

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The Larry Elder Show with Larry Elder

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Hour 1 Biden coughs into hand, proceeds to shake hands with public while maskless Biden tells school children his job is to ‘avoid’ media’s questions Biden repeats debunked Amtrak story for fifth time during presidency Hour 2 Interview with UCLA Professor Lee Ohanian on Gov’t spending Virginia parents tear into Obama over ‘tone deaf’ education […]

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Armed American Radio

Mark and his guests discuss the politics of guns and the things important to gun owners as the nation’s second amendment protections face continuous threats from the administration, well funded anti-gun groups and the mainstream media.
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Hugh Hewitt with Hugh Hewitt

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Hugh Hewitt is back on Wednesday, October, 26th, 2021, discussing the important topics of the day, COVID-19 and the new Biden administration. Talking today:

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