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Mark Klecka, Federal Tax Attorney and CPA hosts “Taxing Times”, America’s only and #1 Tax and Accounting show heard nationally in 7 of the top 10 major US Markets.  The show gives the listener tips and techniques in plain common language for the public to know how to deal with the IRS!

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The IRS is back in business-To collect money! Are you on the list?  Do you think you can navigate the Modern United States Tax System by yourself without professional help?  Your host, federal tax attorney, Mark Klecka, Esq. CPA, is a Member of American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, American Institute of Certified Public and Accountants and National Association of Tax Professionals and more, he is authorized to practice before the IRS.  His latest book, Why the IRS “LOVES” Real Estate Professionals: Real Estate Professionals Reduce Your Own Federal Taxes and Help People with IRS Problems and Make More Money! is available now at his website www.kleckalaw.com.

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Klecka Tax Resolution is a show where AM1070 The Answer listeners can learn and ask general tax questions about federal income taxes. Also, what listeners can do to minimize their federal taxes and get help with an IRS tax balance due or an IRS audit.

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